Tidy Bingo’s Fools, Saints & Showers

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Tidy Bingo Fools & Showers Promo

Tidy Bingo likes to keep everything in perfect order!

So in keeping with tradition, Tidy has combined three exciting April themes into one big fat tidy promotion!

You can join too! So make sure you're down to celebrate Fools, Saints and Showers with Tidy Bingo on April 12th!

Tidy's Fools, Saints and Showers!

We can see why Tidy Bingo wanted to combine everything into one compact package! Maybe they had trouble picking just one! Since April is firstly celebrated among pranksters for April Fools, there are also traditionally endless streams of showers throughout the month. To make it even more confusing, April is celebrated for patron Saints.

So, it's no surprise that Tidy wanted to avoid all the kerfuffle and help everyone celebrate properly! So to ensure you celebrate in style too, make sure you're on time and visit Tidy's reels on April 12th, as the show starts at 7pm!

Saint or Sinner?

From 7pm to 8pm, you can find out if your a Saint or a Sinner in Tidy's exciting chat game! If you score below 45 you can become a Saint, and above 45 to be a certified Sinner! When bingo is called, the first player to type “I'm a Saint or a I'm a Sinner”, will be in with a chance of winning 500 Points!

April Prize Shower

From 8pm to 9pm, when you start playing, everyone will receive two numbers. You can start playing to see if you can score a Full House, but just in case you didn't win, the host will call a number out. If you hold the winning number, you can snap up one of the 20 awesome prizes from the Tidy shower!

Are You An April Fool?

If you stick around from 9.30pm to 10pm, you can find out how gullible you are, and if you're an April Fool! All you have to do is listen out for the number 1 and 4. Then beat the rest and be the first player to type ‘I'm An April Fool', to win up to 500 points!

Good luck!

3:42 pm Apr 11, 2016