Win a trip to Jamaica with Bet365 Bingo’s Reggae Reggae Bingo!

Bet365 Bingo Reggae Reggae Bingo

Bet365 Bingo has launched a very special promotion the Winter of 2015. Just when we were starting to add extra layers under our coats and things seemed like they couldn't get any colder, along came Bet365 Bingo with an opportunity to whisk us away to a sunny tropical paradise.

That's right, for a limited time only you can win a FREE holiday to Jamaica for two with Bet365 Bingo's incredible Reggae Reggae promo!

One lucky winner will be rewarded with an all-inclusive getaway to an exclusive spa resort in Jamaica for a seven night stay!

To play in the giveaway you can get Free Tickets to the Finale every day at Bet365 Bingo. For each Full House that you win in a Calypso featured game you'll earn a Free Ticket to the final game.

See the timetable below for the Calypso game schedule:

reggae reggae bingo bet365 bingo

On 22nd February the Paradise finale takes place at 9:00pm in the Calypso room and you will be able to use your Free Tickets to play for the trip to Jamaica as well a piece of the £1,000 Community Jackpot!

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to jam in the Jamaican sun for a full week!

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9:16 am Jan 13, 2015