Costa Bingo’s Countdown to Jonny Vegas

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Costa Bingo Jonny Vegas

The countdown has begun! As Costa Bingo has unleashed some star-studded news!

Costa is celebrating the countdown to it's upcoming new Jonny Vegas TV advert, fresh new bingo lobby and new bingo game experience, with it's One Million Diamond giveaway!

Jonny Vegas TV Advert

The first news is that the comedy legend himself, Jonny Vegas will be the guest star of Costa's next exciting telly advert and will even call out the bingo numbers!

As long term fans of Jonny Vegas and his hilarious husky-toned comedy,  we're hoping this means Jonny Vegas will start being more of a permanent guest fixture for Costa! He could even be the next sunny mascot! Costa is so excited that there is even an official countdown timer to the advert on Friday 3rd June, so watch this space!

One Million Diamonds Celebrations

The news doesn't end there! As Costa is throwing out all the stops with it's One Million Diamond giveaway!

The lavish diamond giveway is to to celebrate the upcoming launch of it's fresh new bingo lobby! With a slick new player interface, ready to launch soon, we can't wait to see what fresh changes are in store when the curtain is finally unveiled!

Costa is also celebrating the impending launch of a brand new bingo experience game! We're wondering if it's a Costa exclusive or one of the latest new games on the scene.

To make sure you dive into the diamond action, all you have to do is tell Costa Bingo what you already love about the site before the changes.

If you vote for your absolute favourite thing about the site before June 3rd, you could be selected for your share of the glittering One Million Diamond prize!

It's all too exciting, so make sure your head to Costa and watch this space for all the star-studded updates!

11:32 am May 26, 2016