Bingo sites close in UK gambling crack down

Bingo Sites Close New Law POC

Earlier this month the new Gambling Act officially came into effect in the UK. The new law is enforced by the UK Gambling Commission and is designed to protect bingo players by holding foreign site operators accountable to standardized regulations. The law dictates that all bingo sites operating in the UK must have a British license with the UK Gambling Commission. Gambling service providers who do not have the required license are no longer allowed to operate or advertise within the UK.

Bingo sites began closing on several networks as soon as the new law came into effect in the beginning of November. One network that was hit particular hard is Cozy Games. A handful of sites have closed on Cozy Games without any prior notification to players. Naughty Bingo and 88 Bingo are now no more and Lord Bingo anticipates that this could be the beginning of a greater trend. In addition to the new Gambling Act, more bingo sites will certainly be effected by the Point of Consumption (POC) tax coming into effect at the beginning of December. The POC will charge all bingo brands operating in the UK with a 15% tax on all of their profits.

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2:29 pm Nov 26, 2014