Playtech to Release Cash Cubes

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Hold the front page! As Playtech has announced the launch of its brand new Cash Cubes game, bringing a a whole new experience to the world of bingo!

In one of the biggest gaming headlines of the year, the new Cash Cubes game is set to be unleashed on the Virtue Fusion network late February 2016!

Cash Cubes

Cash Cubes is the hottest new game on the block to be developed by the creative geniuses at Playtech. The new will join the Virtue Fusion network hall of fame, with the likes of Deal or No Deal Bingo and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

The innovative new Cash Cubes game is sure to be a game-changer in the world of bingo and has all the ingredients to be an instant hit. The game offers a fresh spin on the standard multi-stake bingo game, as instead of playing with cards, it uses 36 balls.

The aim of the game is to complete your cube. Each side of the cube will be stamped with a number, and when the caller announces that number, that side will be removed.

If the other numbers on the cube are called, then all the sides will be eliminated and you will have completed your cube! If you then complete all four of your cubes, then you can win the sought-after Full House!

With tickets prices ranging from 10p to £2, it's a small price to pay for unstoppable entertainment. To spice up the game, you can also collect bonuses for completing your cube and adding it to your collection. If you manage to collect 50 red cubes, you can earn a £4 bonus.

There are also are regular 100% community jackpot waiting to explode, so really you better be there or be square!

Check out the video below and watch this space for the latest info!

Watch the video below to see Cash Cubes in action.

1:41 pm Feb 18, 2016