End of Era for No Deposit Bingo Bonuses?

End of Era for No Deposit Bingo Bonuses?

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We've got news guys! It may soon be an end of an era for No Deposit Bingo bonuses!

Betting Tax

That's because in the Annual 2016 Budget there was a new shocking clause that says all No deposit bonuses for Free Play or or Free bets will soon be taxed! The tax will up to 15% under the General Betting Duty Tax.

Until now,  tax free plays have managed to keep their tax-free status, which is why we were all able to enjoy carefree years of free play.  However, the same tax has already been applied to Sports online betting since 2014, and now it could soon come in to play for bingo as well.

What this means for you!

Before you start panicking, the good news is that the new law will not come into effect until August 1st 2017! This means that gaming operators have a full 17 months to decide on exactly how they plan to change their bonus policies and incentives.

This also means some gaming giants may decide to completely stop their no deposit bonuses, some might keep them as an small incentive, and some might dramatically reduce their first deposit bonuses.

Whatever will happen in August, at least you have 17 months to snap up as many No Deposit bonuses as you can!

But hurry, you better catch them while you can!



8:42 am Apr 10, 2016