Innuendo Bingo with Sam from Twin Atlantic! – VIDEO

innuendo bingo Sam Twin Atlantic BBC

For those of you who haven't caught an episode of Innuendo Bingo on BBC's Scott Mills show, please allow Lord Bingo to enlighten you!

During this absolutely hilarious live radio segment, clips are played from various TV and radio shows where what is quoted can be misinterpreted as an innuendo. The clips are played to guests on the Scott Mills show whilst the guest have their mouths filled with water. The goal of the challenge is not to spit water out when laughing at the clips.

This past weeks segment featured Sam from Twin Atlantic as the guest on the show and viewers are raving ab0ut how it may be the best Innuendo Bingo ever.

You be the judge, see the clip for yourself here:

1:54 pm Feb 15, 2015