Fluffy Favourites look-alike, “Plushie Pleasure” appears on Live Bingo Network

Plushie Pleasure

It is simply a known fact in the online bingo world that Fluffy Favourites is by far the most popular side game available to date. Fluffy made its first appearance just about a year ago on top bingo sites like Robin Hood Bingo. Since then the game has spread like wildfire to all of the most popular online bingo platforms such as Ladbrokes Bingo and William Hill Bingo.

Due to the immense popularity of Fluffy Favourites, any online bingo site that does not include the slot within its side game collection is practically rendered incomplete. Players have come to expect that Fluffy will always be there… it's that serious.

All of this aside, it was probably only a matter of time before the incredible popularity of Fluffy Favourites led to the creation of similar games inspired by the success of Fluffy's cute and cuddly theme. Enter “Plushie Pleasure” on the Live Bingo Network… a 5 x 3, 30 line slot that uses cuddly plush animals like a toy lion, a pipe-smoking whale and a fruity coloured dinosaur as its reel icons. These characters seem to resemble similar cuddly characters that players find on the Fluffy Favourites slot. One need not look too hard to see the similarities between Fluffy Favourites and Plushie Pleasure. See a side-by-side comparison below:

One can only assume that Plushie Pleasure's friendly imitation of Fluffy Favourites was no accident. Veteran online bingo and slot players will likely recognize the source of Plushie's inspiration, but newbies to online gaming will probably not even register any correlation between the two.

Plushie Pleasure has already gone live on Live Bingo Network sites like the Galaxy Bingo and Mummies Bingo and Lord Bingo looks forward to hearing player reactions to the new game.

As the saying goes, “imitation is the greatest form of flattery.” Let's just hope for Plushie Pleasure's sake that Fluffy fans agree.

8:50 am Oct 20, 2014