Foxy Bingo Signs Up With Ugly Models – VIDEO


Top British modelling agency Ugly Models has recruited none other than handsome redhead Foxy Bingo for their new carrot top themed modeling campaign. According to Ugly Models, redheads are the in thing this year and 2015 is predicted to be the year of the strawberry blonde hairdo.

The Chairman of Ugly Models, Marc French, commented on the redhead craze stating that: “We’ve seen a huge spike in demand for models with red hair. People like Ed Sheeran, Damian Lewis, Lily Cole and Paloma Faith have led to the UK developing a penchant for gingers. We’ve made it our mission to expand our red haired model offering and we’re so pleased to have these guys on board, especially a big name like Foxy. He’s got a great look and we’ve no doubt he’ll be getting booked for some of the best jobs in the industry this year.”

In line with the new trend, Ugly Models has signed several new redheaded models to their label. In addition to Foxy Bingo, Ugly Models has also signed personal trainer Steve Red and the lovely German beauty Devon Mayson.

Foxy Bingo himself was asked to comment on the what life has been like as a redhead, to which he replied, “I got a bit of jip at school from some of the lads about being ginger. As I’ve got older I’ve found that the ladies can’t get enough of it, especially my hairy ginger chest. I was dead chuffed when Ugly Models asked to sign me. I’m right excited to get stuck in to this modelling lark, even if it means having to get me kit off. Bring it on.”

Enough said. It seems like the only real problem Foxy has had with being a ginger is keeping the girls away. Check out the exclusive clip below to see why the ladies just can't get enough of the charming red-haired fox:


3:06 pm Feb 12, 2015