Win a BIG city shopping spree in NYC from Bet365Bingo


What are your plans for Christmas shopping in 2014? Fancy something a little different this year? If so, Bet365Bingo has got just the thing for you!

Forget doing your holiday shopping at Marks & Spencer's and Woolworth's. This year you can win an incredible Christmas shopping spree in the Big Apple… that's right… New York City!

Roam the streets of Manhattan and hit the hottest stores in town because Bet365Bingo is buying!

Head on over to Bet365Bingo's special New York, New York room where you win two FREE tickets for you and a friend to New York City with $500 in cash to spend as you please! Make sure to play the Yellow Taxi Cab games where you can win Free Tickets for every full house until 15th November.

Also, the big game where you can win the NYC trip plays in The Big Apple game on 16th November, so make sure you use your tickets in this game! Besides the main prize of NYC shopping trip for two, there's also a £1,000 Community Jackpot up for grabs.

Check out the full details at Bet365Bingo by going HERE.

7:59 am Sep 18, 2014