Top 5 Island Getaways

Top 5 Island Getaways

At some point during the repetitive daily grind all of us have daydreamed of escaping the gray cubicle walls to a far away island paradise, where we can kick back in a hammock sipping piña colada from a coconut without a care in the world. For those of you who share this fantasy, and for the lucky ones who may even be considering living it out, Lord Bingo has surveyed the Top 5 Island Getaway destinations and brought them to the Lord Bingo blog for your daydreaming pleasure.

#5 – Zanzibar

zanzibar tanzania island getaway dream vacationOn the Eastern Coast of Africa, 15 miles from the coast of Tanzania, lies the paradise island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is an island getaway like no other and is lined with snow white sandy beaches and surrounded by the aqua blue Indian Ocean. There are loads of small deserted islands that you can visit around Zanzibar, lovely hotels and famous tourist sites like Stone Town. Zanzibar is truly an island getaway not to be missed!

#4 – Bora Bora

Bora Bora Island GetawayBora Bora is part of a group of French Polynesian islands that lie deep in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Bora Bora is surrounded by its own barrier reef and lagoon. At the very center of the island, the remains of an inactive volcano have formed what are now Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. Bora Bora is well-known for its beautiful clear blue waters and luxury hotels.

#3 – The Maldives

maldives island getawayThe Republic of Maldives is a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea. The Maldives are surrounded by exquisite turquoise waters, lined with perfect white sand and are home to a colourful coral reef system. The Maldivian coral reefs house an incredibly diverse ecosystem with thousands of fish species, sea turtles, dolphins and even whales.

#2 – Fiji

fiji island getawayFiji is an island country situated in the South Pacific Ocean a whopping 2,000 kilometers from New Zealand's North Island. In other words, Fiji is very far away from the rest of the world, making it the perfect place to abandon all cares and worries. The country of Fiji is actually comprised of 332 different islands, so you have a massive selection of island getaways to choose from. Fiji is famous for its pristine coral reefs, white sandy beaches and 5 star hotels.

#1 – Necker Island

Isle of Bingo Island Getaway £15 FREE The #1 ultimate island escape on Lord Bingo's list of Top 5 Island Getaways is Sir Richard Branson's ultra-exclusive Necker Island. Located in the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island is actually Sir Richard's own private island that he purchased for a measly $175,000 in the 1970s. However, in addition to being Sir Richard's private home, Necker Island also doubles as a luxury resort in the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio. Necker Island is home to 74-acres of lush tropical bliss with exotic wildlife, Balinese style architecture, white sand beaches, pools and sports facilities. For some more lovely photos of Necker Island see the official site HERE.


7:24 am Sep 7, 2014