Privacy Policy

Established herein in this privacy statement, Lord Bingo establishes its commitment to preserving, maintaining and securing your privacy on this website at all times. Disclosed below you will find a detailed explanation of the Lord Bingo privacy policy in reference to personal information that may be gathered from you by Lord Bingo. We encourage you to review this privacy policy periodically as amendments may be made on occasion.

Data Collection

Throughout the regular operation of Lord Bingo data is collected, managed utilized in order that we may learn how to enhance our website based upon your usage of our services and products. The following kinds of information on your usage of Lord Bingo are collected:

  • Information in reference to your visit(s) to Lord Bingo and any features that you use on the website including, but not limited to: web-traffic info, location, communications, etc.
  • Information regarding correspondence between you and Lord Bingo personnel.
  • All online data forms that you voluntarily fill in, such as online registration forms.

Cookie Collection

Periodically Lord Bingo may utilize cookies gathered on our website to collect information for the purpose of enhancing our services. This information is entirely statistical and does not have any data in which you will be personally identified.

Information regarding your internet usage may be gathered by Lord Bingo in the form of a cookie file. This cookie file is maintained on a hard drive and assists us with enhancing the services that we provide you.

Your internet browsing client is capable of disabling cookie collection. However, please note that disabling cookies in your browser may adversely affect some aspects of our website services.

How We Use Your Info

All of the information that we gather is stored safely on Lord Bingo’s secure servers and is used to enhance the user experience on the website. These are the ways in which your data may be utilized by Lord Bingo in order to enhance the services that you receive:

  • Inquiries that you initiate with Lord Bingo staff will be kept on record in order to improve our customer relations, to enhance our website and to improve our services and products.
  • Lord Bingo may use or share collected data with third parties for the purpose of providing you with information regarding related and un-related services and products.

Rest assured that none of the information that Lord Bingo collects regarding your usage of our website will retain any details that could personally identify you as the user. All of the information is entirely statistical and used to enhance our services and the services of third party affiliates. You are absolutely entitled to cease use of our products and services if you would not like statistical data to be collected about your usage of our site.