Paysafecard Bingo Sites

Paysafe CardAnother trusted E-Wallet payment method is a Paysafecard. This option caters perfectly for players who are extra wary of all things online, especially payments! With this method you don’t actually need to enter any passwords, security details or credit or debit cards directly onto the bingo sites to pay. The Paysafecard was formally known as the popular Ukash card until 2015, and works like a handy pre-paid top up card or voucher.

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Accepts: Paysafecard

There are more and more top bingo sites that accept Paysafecards (or Ukash vouchers). So we’re happy to lead to you to the best Paysafecard bingo sites in the UK!

With this convenient, safe and secure method, one of the main advantages is that there are no bank account details and no credit cards required. For those who really don’t trust digital purchases, this risk-free option is perfect!

There are currently over 500,000 PaySafeCard sales outlets worldwide, so you can look online to find your nearest store. You can then visit your nearest local PayPoint shop to purchase a pre-paid voucher and add pre-paid cash to your voucher balance. One of the best things about playing at a bingo sites that take PaySafeCards, is that you can control how much you want to top up at a time. Since you have to go back to the shop to top up your credit, you’re less likely to give in to temptation and play with more than you intended to wager.

When you top up your voucher, you’ll be given a secure and unique 16 digit pin code. Then you can go to one of the bingo sites that use Paysafe, and when you want to pay for your purchase, click on the payment section, select PaySafeCard and enter your unique code.

The PaySafeCard offers some cool features like being able to use the Pay Safe card to top up other E-Wallet methods like Neteller and Skrill Digital Wallets. This offers extra peace of mind and extra security! You can also check your balance online, and enjoy the secure benefits of one of the most risk-free ways to shop online and transfer money!

What are the pros and cons of Paysafecard Bingo sites?

Every time you enter personal, security or bank details online, it is a small risk. This PaySafeCard option is perfect for players who are anxious about entering any kind of credit or debit details or passwords directly onto a bingo site. For most E-Wallet methods, like PayPal and Neteller, you have to sign up using your bank details, user name, email address or password first. So with this option you can pay cash and enter a unique code which is not connected to any security details. You can also use the PaySafeCard method to top up other E-Wallets like Neteller. Overall this options works like a big security payment barrier and is like the MacDaddy of paying safe online.

One disadvantage is that most players enjoy the convenience of making secure digital purchases, instantly. With Pay Pal and Neteller you can top up your account securely and instantly at the click of a mouse. In some ways the PaySafeCard is old-school, as you actually have to physically go to a local store to top up your pre-paid voucher. So while this option wouldn’t appeal to everyone, for those that love extra peace of mind, extra security and no risks, this is the perfect solution!

1:10 pm Sep 1, 2016