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Party Bingo

Bonus: £20 Worth of Cards Promo: Star Bingo Jackpots

Party bingo welcomes you with open arms as soon as you enter the site. This fun, bubble-gum pink online bingo site is not just for the girls, although it may seem that way at first glance. Even Lord Bingo can get down with the best of them in this pretty in pink site. When you sign up, you receive a bonus of £5 and 100 free bingo games. When you make your first deposit, they will match 100% of your funds, and on your second deposit they match you by 50%. Most sites will match your first deposit only, so this is a good deal.

PartyBingo offers many types of bingo, such as instant bingo where you play against the computer as opposed to against other people. They also have 90-ball bingo and American-style which is 75-ball bingo. In addition, there are different lounges made specifically for different types of spending preferences. They have a nickel room, dime room, 50-cent room, and an extreme bingo room for the high rollers.

When you play the online games, you earn points as well as cash prizes, and when you are ready to cash out you can take those points and trade them in for prizes such as spa days, or a gym membership. Of course, you can always cash in your points for currency if the prizes don't appeal to you. To make the site even more fun and exciting, they also have great events that are for members only, and offer weekly promotions along with cash prizes and points.

PartyBingo has chat rooms that are available with each game. Sometimes the chat room host will send each active person complimentary games just for chatting. Party Bingo lives up to its name, and is a joyous place to play online. also operates Party Poker, Party Best, Party Room, Party Casino, and Party Gammon.

1:10 pm Jul 30, 2014